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Juniper Berries (Dried) (Pre-Order)

$19.50 - $1,750.00
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Our Dried Juniper Berries are ethically and sustainably harvested from Juniperus communis, in the South Slave region of Northwest Territories Canada.

This berry is incredibly challenging to harvest, and we are very proud of our work in this field.  A lot of our berries are harvested near an escarpment with a ten-story drop to the river below.  They are well hydrated by the water spray, and have a lot of sun ensuring good oil content through the grow season.

These berries are best suited for distillery or commercial cooking applications due to the volume, as we do not individually sift through each berry, but we do our best to clean and sort what we can. 

Currently our shipping prices are built into our sales price which is approximately $3/lb.  Please contact us if you would like to make alternative arrangements, or are interested in a partnership with your distillery so that we can ensure product on hand for you through the year.

Based on our calculations, approximately 25% reduction in weight for dried berries over fresh.  Keep this in mind with recipes.  We have the ability to ship fresh to most major cities in Canada using flyfresh.  Please contact us about those arrangement, as we can adjust prices if you have a flyfresh account.

Weight (Dried) Price/lb Total Price
1lb $19.50 $19.50
5lb $19.00 $95.00
10lb $18.50 $185.00
20lb $17.80 $356.00
50lb $17.60 $880.00
100lb $17.50 $1,750.00

We are out of stock until May 2019.  We picked about 800lbs this season and was not near enough.  We will work hard at picking more for this upcoming season.  Please let us know if you would like to be placed on our waiting list.