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Red Belted Polypore Fungus (Fomitopsis pinicola)

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Fomitopsis pinicola, is a stem decay fungus. Its conk (fruit body) is known as the red belt conk. The species is common throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere. It is a decay fungus that serves as a small-scale disturbance agent in coastal rainforest ecosystems. It influences stand structure and succession in temperate rainforests. It performs essential nutrient cycling functions in forests.


  • The Blackfoot of Alberta put the dried polypore in a buffalo horn along with a live coal from the fire when they would move camp. They used a piece of the fungus as a purgative.
  • The name translates to “turn our hair grey”…maybe a rough translation…makes you wise?
  • The northern Dene cut it into small chunks and smoke it with tobacco to treat headaches
  • Traditionally used for treatment of headache, nausea, liver problems, as a styptic and anti-inflammatory.
  • During the 1800s eclectic physicians soaked the polypore in whiskey as a remedy for ague
  • Cree of Eastern Canada powdered the dried fruiting body to treat wounds and stop bleeding. 

Can be steeped in tea, or used in a tincture

Recipe for dual extract:

Preparation of Dual Extract
1:20 mushroom:water (1oz mushroom: 560ml Water)
Simmer until liquid is reduced by half (280mL)
Let cool, and poor mushroom and water into sanitized jar
Add 95ml 95% alcohol (you want about 30% ETOH)
Shake daily and let macerate for 3 weeks
Strain out and you have a dual extract.


$19 per 50 grams (In chunks ready for tea)